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Kris Wadsworth - Warm Midnight

Kris Wadsworth

Warm Midnight

Dark Energy Recordings

Released: 20th July 2009 | 3 track deep house ep
Dropping science like a Kansas City school board we present Kris Wadsworth here at Dark Energy. Following on from the excellent Palm Skin Productions, Kris lays upon us 3 slabs of super-programmed rambots with more swinging going on than a cul-de-sac in Hull. Having already delighted the world with previous releases on Morris Audio & Hypercolour, KW's debut release on DE doesn't disappoint and should appeal to house-heads, feet shufflers and professional wrestlers alike. Warm Midnight features a familiar vocal sample (trust us it works) which grooves along nicely until we reach the middle section - at which point a dark Daft Punkesque bassline descends upon you, much like a friend pouring treacle on your head from atop a ladder. Deep Heat continues us on the same trajectory, this time skywards towards a mountainous area on the dark side of the moon. Dreamy chords underpin a bouncy melody over a funktabulous groove. That Nod completes the trio with chords, beats and errr niceness. The kind of track Princess Diana would approve of were she still here with us today. Selected Reactions: Master H - Warm Midnight for me bigtime...OOOWWWEEEE...Love it will play Well done Nick Holder - My word! This is some serious filth! Gonn akill these. Deep, dirty, and all things nasty! Thanks for sending! Justin Long - very honest detroit house music here! solid release... warm midnight is the one for me! DJ Sneak - Warm midnight and Deep heat are the ones for me, It's great to hear some deep house for a change. keep it up. sneak Charlie Tarr - deep heat is the winner hear - KW seems to always take it one step better and bring something new each time. production is flawless and a great groove. I'm still smiling!