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Sebastian Davidson


Dark Energy Recordings

Released: 9th November 2009 | 3 track deep house ep
Sebastian Davidson is becoming a name all too familiar within the higher echelons of the deep house illuminati. When he's not planting elaborate clues to the true birth place of Christ in his extensive collection of quality remixes and original productions he is touring the world doing what all international DJs do best - drinking and leering at young women. Shur-i-kan and Milton Jackson (who is now officially the best deep house dj in the world) are very happy to welcome Mr. Davidson to their Dark Energy imprint with a set of tracks so deep that even the dark lord himself Peter Mandelson couldn't dig his way out of. If you don't understand that reference consider yourself very lucky indeed. Complimenting the package perfectly is a great remix from the omnipresent Soul Minority who has been on something of a high since the overwhelming success of his Come Back 4 More track on Pack Up And Dance. However we enticed him out of his Beverly Hills mansion with the promise of immortality which we will honour once we've managed to capture and eviscerate Bruce Forsyth (again consider yourself lucky ...).