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Kruse & Neurnberg

The Brush

Dark Energy Recordings

Released: 1st November 2010 | 3 track deep house ep
We like to think we are so ahead of the game here at Dark Energy that we've had the after-match group shower, downed the Dom Pérignon and pranged the expensive sports car before the other competitors have even stepped up to the proverbial start line. That's why we are so proud to have stumbled upon an undiscovered hot talent coming from a mysterious town called... Hamburg. Apparently it's in a far away country called Duet-sch-land (or something like that). Our key A&R executive, Milton Jackson (recently appearing in Economist magazines poll 'Most Influential Men in Boardroom Grooming') has spent the last six months doing low-level ordinance sweeps in his personal Learjet, searching for signs of electronic music in deepest Europe. That's why we had to sell the entire back catalogue to News International to cover the aviation fuel costs. However it was all worth it as we can now reveal our exclusive scoop: so without further ado allow me to introduce Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg! Who are these new young upstarts I hear you ask? Well we are quietly confident that you've probably never heard of this dynamic duo and that this is their first ever release! Oh yeah, some guy called Tom Middleton also did a remix - apparently Shur-i-kan met him while busking on Alderaan I think he's a Jedi or something.