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Phonic Funk

The Heartbreak

Dark Energy Recordings

Released: 17th October 2011 | 3 track deep house ep
We welcome to Dark Energy a fine young producer of the name Phonic Funk who hails from Netherlands a small country much loved for its cheese. The title track is powering monster of a deep house track that will sure have the dancefloors going cra.... sigh... err... look its late and its the cheese I really want to talk about here. I love cheese. God, I love cheese. I once killed a man over cheese. I choked him with a garrote of cheesestrings for eating my last edam. If I had to choose between a delicious slice of Haloumi and saving my dear old granny from a burning building I'd chose the Haloumi - tenderly toasting some against my once family member's charcoaled remains. There I said it. Live with it.