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Sidi - Music from the Vaults
Out 2nd November 2018


Music from the Vaults

Deep Heads

Expected: 2nd November 2018 | 7 track downtempo ep

Deep Heads are proud to present a debut EP from the extremely talented Sidi, entitled Music from the Vaults.

Born in Finland 1996, but raised in Germany, Sidi, aka Andreas Kühn, has been producing music for quite some time now. As a teenager, he studied drums and saxophone and played in several bands. At the age of 16 he became more serious about producing electronic music, which has been his main artistic outlet ever since.

Influenced by electronic artists such as Burial and Boards of Canada, he incorporates 70s Soundtrack nostalgia and the warmth of folk music with his own unique, lo-fi production style.

The EP is nothing short of a masterpiece. Sidi's use of sounds and intricate understanding of soundscapes, have all been molded into this beautiful piece of artistry. A journey through a space that holds no time, structure or label and is a true joy to immerse yourself into.

Sidi describes his music-making as a therapy and escape from reality. In his own words - 'Many of the tracks were inspired out of my personal grief, mislead relationships, depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness.'

The sounds on the EP are original recordings of real instruments, all played by Sidi, which were sampled and manipulated to create lush and warm textures. Layers of Field Recordings are also expertly incorporated into the productions, giving the record a totally unique & organic energy.

We hope you enjoy as much as we have :)