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Z'EV & PITA - Colchester
CD Album
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Editions Mego

Released: 2nd August 2008 | 11 track industrial metal single
1 continuous track split into 11 parts recorded at the Colchester Arts Centre 17.10.2006. Final mix by Z'EV London 01.2008, Mastered at Piethopraxis, Köln 04.2008, Design by SOMA Neither Z'EV or PITA need any introduction in these circles. These 2 heavyweights of experimental music have been associates for 2 decades. Their creative collaboration came about after a meeting in 2004, which led to a monthly file exchange program in 2005. Instead of releasing results immediately it was decided to test the material in a live setting. Performances were held in Vienna and throughout the UK during 2006. 'Colchester' is the final result of this process. A mesmerising and intense collision of Z'EV's acoustic percussion work and Pita's computer manipulation. Limited to 500 copies.