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Evil Madness - Super Great Love
Vinyl LP
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Evil Madness

Super Great Love

Editions Mego

Released: 14th February 2011 | 9 track dance pop album
Evil Madness has been described as the Traveling Wilburys of Icelandic electronic music. Behind the name stand men like Petur Eyvindsson, Johann Johannsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, Helgi Thorsson and BJ Nilsen (who is not quite Icelandic but was born in a country very near Iceland). This album, Super Great Love, presented by Editions Mego will be their 4th album since the their formation in 2006. Now for those of you reading who know the music of Evil Madness will know for sure that this band does what ever they damn well pleases when it comes to making the music. With Super Great Love they want to get people in the good mood for the fresh new year and present them with some upbeat Icelandic Disko tunes. Edition of 500, this album is dedicated to Franz Graf