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The Moonfires (Bandleader Alex Puddu) - Gotta Keep it Rollin
Vinyl LP
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The Moonfires (Bandleader Alex Puddu)

Gotta Keep it Rollin


Released: 29th June 2018 | 10 track funk album

Artist and musician Alex Puddu, whom many already know for his Danish Pornography series and solo records, has written and produced the second album for his soulful band The Moonfires. A second coming that showcases strong R&B classic melodies and tight grooves that bring the listener up to a level of great funk bands like New Birth, Ohio Players, Mandrill, and Black Heat. The amazing album cover, showing King Kong spreading panic in the city, has been made by Italian comic-book and science fiction artist Giuseppe Festino, the same that, back in 70's, illustrated the paperback covers of the popular sci-fi Urania series.

The opening Stones-inspired title-track Gotta Keep it Rollin kicks off the groove, building up with steady organ and a killer blues guitar riff, accompanied by a street-story-telling by lead singer Duane Hobson. The second track is Kill Me with the Rain, a funky tune with powerful afro winds section, rock-funk guitar, and a great vocal leading all the way through the strong melody. Woman, is a truly sexy-funk tune with Afro-vibes all throughout and catchy lyrics. The album's first single, and probably the strongest tune on the album, is Thunder Road, a feel-good, up-tempo R&B song with catchy hook line and a sleazy organ playing along the tight rhythm section. The A-side closes with Weekend Pleasure, a powerful instrumental piece that lives up to the groove, and builds up to a cool break with a great bass solo.

The B-side starts strong with a cover of The Four Tops from the score Are You Man Enough – a great version of one the band's top tunes! The following song is another album favorite, Soul on Fire: a well-produced tune played tight, and a perfect score for a street gang, warriors-type movie, as if it was written in 1979. The album continues on with two up-tempo tracks, Funky City and Voodoo People – definitely something for the dance floor! Crazy organ, funky riffs, massive percussion and congas taking the album to another level. The last song is a perfect ending, another great composition by Puddu: King of The Night – a strong West Coast ballad with prominent piano, played smooth all through, accentuated with a great vocal performance and a classic saxophone solo on the end.

Gotta Keep It Rollin is Alex Puddu at his groovest!!!