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The Herbaliser - A Sad State of Affairs

The Herbaliser

A Sad State of Affairs

Department H

Released: 29th October 2012 | 5 track alternative rap/hip-hop ep

A Sad State of Affairs is the second collaborative single release from the Herbaliser's latest album, THERE WERE SEVEN. The track features George the Poet, a very different and interesting young man : 21 years old, hailing from a housing estate in North West London, born to Ugandan parents and currently reading Politics , Psychology and Sociology at Cambridge University. George Mpanga's words betray an intellect and wisdom beyond his years.

Starting out rapping over grime beats, George soon realised that the more open form of spoken word slam poetry was a more effective medium of expression for him.

Dismayed with the current slew of rappers who spit negativity and consumerism with robot voices over uninspiring beats, on Sad State, George takes aim at both them and the industry that continues to churn them out of its rap-star machine.

Coming from the generation that nobody seems to want to listen to, George is a voice amongst a few young British wordsmiths standing up to be counted, demanding an audience to hear what they have to say.

The E.P. has remixes from Irn Mnky (DJ Shadow's current favourite UK producer), a hip-hop remix by Liverpool's cult Hip-Hop guru Jenome , plus an epic remix of The Lost Boy by The Legendary Danny K- an enigmatic character who gained notoriety as one of the pioneers of streaming trip hop beats in the early days of the internet. Lastly, a reading of the lyrics by George, delivered as poetry.

Radio 6 Support From Huey Morgan , Radio 4 Apperance 20th October Loose Ends Show, More tbc