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Aki & Zerg

Cockeyed EP

Don't Get It Twisted

Released: 29th September 2017 | 3 track dubstep ep

Aki & Zerg are staying true to their roots joining forrces to present a three track EP epitomising both the artists and label.

If these 3 heavyweight productions are any indication, they've found the perfect home within the Don't Get It Twisted' roster.

'Cockeyed' goes for the aural jugular, unafraid to come harder with every layer that's added.

'On and On''s shaking hi-hats & moody bass stabs ensure a versatility to the EP.

And 'System Overload' s blaring horns and stepped up grime-esque breakdown make the track more reminiscent of the music which has helped underpin the dubstep world.

Don't Get It Twisted Music continues in its determination not to bow to tocommercial appeal with this forthcoming release from Aki & Zerg.