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Mighty Math - Up Life Gone Star
CD Album
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Mighty Math

Up Life Gone Star


Released: 6th November 2000 | 10 track album
'up life gone star' the first album from Robert Shaw's Mighty Math project is released on the Different Drummer label this autumn. Robert Shaw is one of the new generation of post electronica sound sorcerers whose inspiration derives in part from the tape-loop cut-up techniques of 50s experimenters like Gene Jacques Perry or Brion Gysin transferred to the ever increasing power and creativity of todays sampling technology. Working in his Balsall Heath attic room with the minimal street-tec of a million wired bedrooms, Rob Shaw's dub-influenced slow electronic grooves explore both rhythmic and ambient time lines. There are ten tracks, each with its own strange orchestra, that seeps in to the surroundings, and insinuates a zen like calm into the listeners head. There are no loops hear as such, each bar is programmed to produce its own unique organically evolving world. Somewhere among these minimalist zeros and ones you can here layer upon layer-process upon process-deliberately letting you here the sounds the machines make and some how because you can hear the very digital fabric this music is woven from, it adds to its humanity and adds to its emotional listening experience. From the poignant and brutal beats of 'ambient soho' to the blissed out melancholic riffs of 'quark sparking' this is a deeply personal album that stretches, twists and fractures rhythm tracks till they become spiders webs, hanging in the air, defying gravity. Haunting melodies across city lights, electronic dub like you never heard before. An album for dub scientists, back room dj's, and alternative twisters. Ten tracks later and you feel like you've had some drugs even if you haven't!'