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Elementz - Neon Verses
CD Album
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Neon Verses


Released: 19th March 2001 | 22 track album
Hailing from the second city, this 5 man crew have been performing some excellent live shows during the last 12 months. Lively and energetic on stage, these Hip-Hop fanatics have been building a solid reputation as Birmingham's freshest microphone controllers. Recent months have seen shows with The Pharcyde and Saien Super Crew, as well as a show-stopping set at this years Birmingham Arts Fest. Regular performances at Birmingham's leading Hip-Hop night Substance, have further enhanced their reputation, resulting in two of their tracks being included on The Substantial Project Compilation, coming soon on Different Drummer. Torsion, Noir Star, Decision, Lickal Vain and DJ Rhize- Five homeboys with a smooth lyrical flow and rock-solid rhythms catering for the dancefloor and managing to satisfy those in need of some serious lounging. Ideas come and go in the blink of an eye, the attention shifting between MC's as the vibes are rolled out and the samples are weaved into the tunes like they belonged there in the first place. Tracks like ' The Professionals' and ' Total Recall' set the standards for this album of feelgood Hip-Hop, encouraging the feet whilst engaging the brain. The R&B smoothness of 'Jus Chillin' contrasts sharply with the angry delivery of 'Judas Breed ', whilst the melancholic 'High Life' takes you by surprise with it's unusual melody and haunting oboe line. All in all this is a diverse collection of beats and rhymes which should propel The Elementz into the British Hip-Hop arena and beyond.'
"There's nothing wrong with this crew of British MCs that some time and experience won't fix. The beats are fully in place, rolling along at an agreeably slow tempo, dipping into deep bass and the occasional tinkling piano. The flows are fine, with the MCs utilzing their accents rather than trying to sound like Brooklyn natives. The lyrics are ok, but resort to battle rhymes frequently over twenty tracks. As soon as ELEMENTZ develop a little more personality and work on translating some of the energy of their supposedly hot live show to record, they'll be ready to blow up."
Rob Geary, XLR8R