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Mighty Math - The Spangled Up Of A Tumbler
CD Album
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Mighty Math

The Spangled Up Of A Tumbler


Released: 2nd September 2002 | 10 track album
The Spangled Up Of A Tumbler is Robert Shaw¹s second album for Birmingham¹s Different Drummer Label. Following in the footsteps of Up Life Gone Star (a firm favourite of John Peel and The Big Chill¹s Pete Lawrence), the album explores a musical universe of glitchy rhythms, electronic manipulation and achingly beautiful melodies from outer space. 'Baby The City' is one of the album¹s highlightsSa cosmic lullaby with blissed out vocals, a soothing bassline and an air of melancholic nostalgia. 'Cos I¹s Broke' has a deep bassline, African vocals, percussion by R2D2, and backing vocals by by the twins from The Shining. 'Teardrop Boy' sounds like Boards Of Canada wearing grass skirts and garlands with backing vocals supplied by a whole South African township. 'The Spangled Up Of A Tumbler' brings the proceedings to a close with Rob Shaw¹s ode to the tumbling Pigeon. Early promo copies of the album have already proved fruitful with licensing requests coming in from all over the world. 'Travelator' has featured on Japan¹s Play Label Compilation 'Stone, Scissors, Paper' and several other tracks will be coming out on a variety of compilations in 2002.'