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G Corp



Released: 10th February 2003 | 12 track album
G Corp¹s second LP for Different Drummer comes hot on the heels of their successful 'Remixes From The Elephant House' on Guidance. They are also two of the key members of the Overproof Soundsystem, a Birmingham based Collective who have been touring Europe promoting their 'Watch What You Put Inna' EP (A summer anthem that has been getting plays from Richard Dorfmeister, Mr Scruff and Coldcut). DubPlates From The Elephant House -Vol 2 is another sure-fire classic album, full of solid rhythms, bone-shuddering basslines and classic dub techniques. The album kicks off with 'Clever Kid' , a dancehall rhythm that sounds like a late night collaboration between Timbaland and the Gotan Project. 'All Night Baby' combines a sultry, whispered vocal with eerie melodies and a heavy steppers rhythm, whilst the classic ' Liberation Dub' is an out and out dancefloor steppers tune with concious lyrics supplied by JA¹s Bobby Blue. There are a few surprises on the album as well, notably the insanely catchy 'Daylight', a tune which should be getting plenty of late night rotation. With a workload rivalling the Neptunes and a queue of labels chasing remixes, the next 12 months should see G Corp¹s production skills gain the respect they deserve.'
"Accomplished and confident in turing away from the stricter raggae-based forms, this is G Copr's strongest set to date."
Steve Barker, WIRE
"the duo are back with volume two after working up some tracks from their Elephant House studio in between mixes for Sly & Robbie, Bob Marley, Yabby U, Ennio Morricone, Dillinger and more. It?s that list of the remix roster that properly describes Groove Corporation?s sound. Similar to that of Troublemakers, It?s a combination of contemporary dub, a dash of dancehall, french film soundtracks, and hip-hop. There are a lot of artists out there claiming similar influences but Groove Corporation do it proper and don?t water it down into something you?ll hear on a Gap commercial."
Justin Hardison,
"...the first volume established Groove Corporation as one of the Eastern Hemisphere's leading dub practitioners, and this second volume affirms the group's lofty stature. The dozen tracks eschew any sort of crossbreeding ? no ambient or techno inflections here ? in favor of good old-fashioned dancefloor-geared dub. Granted, Clever Kid opens the album with a lively dancehall vibe, but it's the only real departure, albeit a wonderful one. Taken as a whole, the album struts along from one up-tempo track to another without any dull moments. Libertion Dub stands out midway through, carried largely by Bobby Blue's stellar showing, and Daylight brings the album to a soothing conclusion, offering the same bright sense its title implies."
Jason Birchmeier,
"...yet another excellent dub track presentation in the classic style most of us are accustomed to. There's some nice electronic work going on, mixing up the vocal presentation, slipping in some nice echo, reverb, delay, similar to what derived from the studios of Adrian Sherwood, put forth as Dub Syndicate back in the 80's. Two of G Corp's members have attracted such notables as Coldcut with EP releases as Overproof Soundsystem. The release is pure dub, mixed up with some nice drum and bass punchlines to keep you steppin' it on the floor."
"Dub Plates From The Elephant House Vol. 2 is another sure-fire classic. Full of solid rhythms, bone-breaking basslines and creative dub techniques. Opening with Clever Kid, you get hip-hop flava similar to Timbaland. All Night Baby, gives sultry, whispered vocals over a steppers rhythm. Make sure you give Let Me Tell You Something a listen. SERIOUS HEAD-NODDER!! Outstanding Quality. ***** -"
Michael Stukes, DMA MAGAZINE
"... Groove Corporation a.k.a G Corp, return with their third album purveying the finest in rhythmic dub configurations...never once sacrificing their ability to maintain a level of creative autonomy which is a key driving force within their productions...60 minutes of full-throttle electro-dub dub peppered with wondrous amounts of samples, heady bass beats, and a perfectly balanced offering of vocals to direct the flow of music just like a live soundsystem"
Digital Artifact Mag
"If you want a soundtrack for burning the midnight incense or a late night spliff session, drop in the latest project from Groove Corporation instead...Get up, stand up, stand up and buy this CD"
(US Student Publication), The Daily Orange