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Noiseshaper - The Signal
CD Album
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The Signal


Released: 15th September 2003 | 10 track album
From the sound rigs in the clubs of Berlin to the foundations of Babylon itself, Noiseshaper leave all systems shaking. The dubwise depths of their sound was first plumbed on their Prelaunch Sequence LP (DIFCD 14). 'The Signal' dives even further down to the pit of your stomach when the basslines hit , and to the heart of your soul when the melodies flow. The Signal is the sound of two men submerged not just in roots and reggae but in the multitude of styles Since forming Noiseshaper in their home town of Vienna in 1999, Hirn and Feischmann have been forging everything from house to downbeat soul. Now resident in Berlin, their gigs at the Dub Club, Subground and WMF are renowned as rough and tough dancehall sessions keeping crowds bouncing until dawn. Noiseshaper know that if dub is a way of life then it goes far beyond the dancefloor. Control is a soothing soul torch song with vocalist Jackie Dean in full heart-rending effect, while opener All Dem A Do, with vocals from Juggla, is a plaintive plea for salvation over gentle folk strumming. At the other end of the scale Blood and Fire MC Spikey Tee gets horny over the sprightly funk of the title track. When night falls those of you yearning for hydroponic heaviness, you will be more than satisfied by the deep dub house of Sunstarson or the sinister subterranean pulse of Good Enough, with vocals from Farda P, ,atmospheric grooves easily the equal of anything produced by those other Austrian dub architects Kruder and Dorfmeister.'