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Aesthete - Obfuscation
12" Vinyl



Computer Club

Released: 16th December 2016 | 4 track techno ep

Aesthete 'Obfuscation' (Computer Club)

Computer Club presents; Aesthete (aka Thom Barnett) with his debut release 'Obfuscation'. A 4 track EP of bass-heavy minimalism.

Micro-precise percussion bursting through minimal electronics with chattering industrial machines, the 4 tracks take an experimental approach directly to the dance floor. We first encountered the unique Aesthete sound in a dark former ballroom in Sheffield in early 2016 and were mesmerised by his sonic assault.

As the name suggests, Barnett's skill isn't confined to audio. A talented designer, he runs Mamnick, an internationally renowned brand sold online and via outlets including a flagship store in Tokyo. Mamnick clothes and items blend Sheffield craftsmanship with a love of cycling and a sharp aesthetic eye.

Everything Barnett turns his attention to is expertly crafted and this debut EP on Computer Club is no exception.