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Various Artists - A Jazz Portrait compiled by Gilles Peterson
CD Album
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Various Artists

A Jazz Portrait compiled by Gilles Peterson

Dejavu Records

Released: 24th May 2010 | 15 track crossover jazz album
My first taste of Horo was a Steve Grossman album called 'Moonwalk', I found it in a back street in Firenze on my first DJ trip to Italy back in '87. The logo seduced me and before long I'd gotten hold of the Kenny Clarke too. Over time I managed to gather a sizeable collection from this saba of the south. Then when I came upon one of Sun Ra's doubles my search for the name on each sleeve increased... Also Sinesio... who WAS this person? The time arrived in 2008, Spring in Rome and a trip to the country with a surprise from my friend Paolo Scotti... a farmhouse and a Sunday lunch date. We devoured what can only be described as a veritable feast and I listened to the stories and thoughts of a most spectacular mind... it is rare when you meet and witness a philosophy like Aldo's and it inspired me to continue on my own personal path of self discovery and Jazz. Desert was in the outhouse where a goldmine of vinyl awaited me - rows of Irio De Paula's, roomfuls of Gianni Basso's and a full store of mint Freddie Hubbard's... My favorite bits can be found on this CD Jazz Confronto! GILLES PETERSON