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Train Up - Looking At The Sea
CD Album
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Train Up

Looking At The Sea

Dejavu Records

Released: 5th October 2009 | 10 track crossover jazz single
This album features ten classic compositions expertly executed by some of Italy's leading jazz maestros such as the impeccable Franco Piana who, with his trusted companion the trumpet, plays and arranges in a way that adds a certain magical touch to the entire record. The way in which Franco, Sandro, Claudio, Dario and Marcello seem to gel together is something that comes about with years of experience as well as a certain attitude towards not only the way in which you perform your instrument but also by following the improvisations and solos of those around you, musicians who thrive on jazz and the world that revolves around it. If that was not enough let us now bring into the equation two vocalists who, in their own ways, have nothing to shy away from some of the biggest names out there! The way in which Francesca Sortino interprets the Letta Mbulu classic 'What Is Wrong With Grooving' makes it her own, she takes hold of the reigns and leads the song along down her very own personal path which is strewn with golden tones and attitude (the same can be said for 'Day What A Day'). Then, just when you thought that you couldn't get any more out of the album, things are flipped over and female vocals are put aside for the moment for the warm tones of Mr. Farrington who is slowly becoming somewhat of a cult figure. You will adore his take on 'Steppin' Out' and his rendition of 'In The Name Of Love' will have you grinning from ear to ear. A very complete album that takes you on an emotional ride through slow atmospheric songs to groovy little numbers passing through high paced steam trains. Enjoy!