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Roberto Tarenzi Trio - One Day I'll Fly Away
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Roberto Tarenzi Trio

One Day I'll Fly Away

Dejavu Records

Released: 16th November 2009 | 11 track crossover jazz single
Genius, technical and open-mindedness, these are the main features of this new Italian jazz talent: Roberto Tarenzi. Eleven tracks forming an ocean of swing, in an enchanting flow where the colors of the piano played by Roberto Tarenzi blend with the heart and catchy tunes of the Mediterranean. The interpretation of Sonia and Bogota make us appreciate the proverbial fluidity of his phrasing which, combined with an uncommon sensitivity, makes him such an original pianist. Puglisi has a discreet but highly propulsive bass when giving depth to the persuasive melodic piano lines. Roberto Pistolesi provides great rhythmic and composition support. This record combines some very different styles which are completely blended by the sound and the artistic capability of this group, ranging from the classic sounds of Ahmad Jamal's 'Bogota' and Sonia by Sonny Clark, and drum & bass tracks like Naxos, and modern episodes such as One Afternoon and a surprising Samba G a perfect mix of Brazilian atmosphere and modal jazz that highlights the personalities of Roberto Tarenzi and Roberto Pistolesi.