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Slugabed & Ghost Mutt - Donky Stomp

Slugabed & Ghost Mutt

Donky Stomp

donky pitch

Released: 2nd April 2012 | 4 track leftfield/idm single

Donky Stomp is packed with Sluga's trademark glistening synths, mutated 8 bit hip hop and kilos of bass. With releases on Ninja Tune, Planet Mu, Numbers, Ramp and MYOR his lurching hip hop has gained him fans all over the world, with support from the likes of Daddy Kev, Eprom, Nasty Nasty and Illum Sphere. Already with support from Starkey, Ghost Mutt's tracks combine sparkling synth arpeggios, chunky rhythms, chopped up divas and enough laser squeals and bleeps to fill an 80s arcade perfectly capturing the sound of the Donky Pitch dancefloor. And to round off Sluga's melodic master-piece with lashings of extra melody and a drizzle of R&B, Spanish beatmaker Mweslee(All City, Beat Dimensions, Kindred Spirits / Nod Navigators) has created a night stopping slow jam that is equally fit for a heavy duty soundsystem as it is your headphones.


  • ''A sick first release, setting the bar high'' Starkey (Planet Mu)
  • ''Awesome Tom Ravenscroft (BBC6)
  • ''Feelin this'' Daddy Kev (Low End Theory , Alpha Pup)
  • ''Strong shit'' Andrew Meza (BTS Radio, Ubiquity)
  • ''Mad bangers'' Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder, Ramp)
  • ''Donky Stomp will be in the bag for the next 5 years'' Kutmah (Dublab / Poobah)
  • Very doppppeee ep. love it!!! Cinnaman (Beat Dimensions)
  • ''Will rock the Normandie booty bitches with this'' Fulgeance (Musique Large)

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