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V.C. - The Trick
12" Vinyl
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The Trick

Donky pitch

Released: 7th May 2012 | 6 track minimal/glitch single

Recorded in late 2010 and mixed in a remote studio during the Finnish snowstorms of early 2011, Donky Pitch present 'The Trick EP', by Helsinki resident and skweee pioneer V.C. Six original tracks of synth soaked computer funk, electro inspired slow jams and colourful hip hop heaters. V.C. has been making moves in the skweee scene since the early days (as a solo artist and as 1/4 of supergroup Yöt). His combination of layered synths, hip hop beats and that type of funk only found in the cold reaches of the Nordic region have scored him releases on every skweee label going (Flogsta Danshall / Harmönia / Mässy / Dødpop / Disques Mazout) as well as Ramp Recordings. We felt it only right that he commanded our first true foray into the Scandinavian electro funk sound of skweee. DJ SUPPORT Kutmah, Om Unit, Slugabed, Ital Tek, Coco Bryce, FS Green, Melkeveien and Nasty Nasty 'the trick is stoopid dope! ' - Kutmah 'always stoked to get fresh tunes from y'all' â'¬ Nasty Nasty PRESS Resident Advisor review Sonic Router mix and interview