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813 - Spectrum Riff
12" Vinyl
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Spectrum Riff

Donky pitch

Released: 7th May 2012 | 6 track minimal/glitch single

The â'¬ËSpectrum Riffâ'¬'¢ EP comes from Moscow based beat maker and full time firefighter Alexander Goryachev, otherwise known as 813. Five original tracks bursting with juicy synth lines, retro drum machines and waves of thick sub bass, culminating in a sound that is one part boogie, one part hip hop, one part electro and three parts forward thinking bass music. Slugabed (Ninja Tune) appears on remix duty with a drum heavy workout full of shuffling percussion,deep basslines and strong melodies. 813 has been operating in the much talked about Russian beat scene for a couple of years, appearing on Error Broadcastâ'¬'¢s â'¬ËFly Russiaâ'¬'¢ compilation and kicking off the RAD Collective label with the â'¬ËBack in Space Jungleâ'¬'¢ EP. He has another EP on RAD dropping this year along with other projects and collaborations in the pipeline. As a live act he has supported Moby, DOOM and Hudson Mohawke. The â'¬ËSpectrum Riffâ'¬'¢ EP has been a long time in the making, itâ'¬'¢s been worth the wait. DJ SUPPORT Starkey, Slugabed, Jay Scarlet, Darkhouse Family, FS Green, Take (aka Sweatson Klank) â'¬ËLove itâ'¬'¢ â'¬ Mary Anne Hobbs â'¬Ë5/5, Sick!â'¬'¢ -Skream â'¬ËSpankingly great succession of bangers!â'¬'¢Jay Scarlet â'¬ËThe best party music Iâ'¬'¢ve heard in a long timeâ'¬'¢ Slugabed PRESS Resident Advisor review K Mag review DJ Mag review0