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Ghost Mutt - Sweat Mode

Ghost Mutt

Sweat Mode

Donky pitch

Released: 15th July 2013 | 4 track electro-funk ep

Twisting Rnb vocals around his own signature rhythmic take on bass music, on the Sweat Mode EP Ghost Mutt melds elements of soul, boogie and house creating a homage to the time when Rnb was more about being with your lover in front of an open log fire than drinking champagne and getting sweaty in the VIP section of the club.

Since he dropped his first 12 on Lowriders and our own debut release where he featured alongside Slugabed in late 2010, Matt Mcloughlin has appeared on the Nihon Kizuna compilation and on remix duties for Lockah, ARP 101 x Elliot Yorke and Alphabets Heaven.

DJ Support - Oneman, Funky Stepz. Chris Murderbot, LV, Starkey, DVA, Take, Mr Beatnick, Arp101, Jay Scarlett and many more

Radio - Oneman (Rinse FM), John Kennedy (XFM), Alix Perez (Rinse FM), Ross Allen

Press - XLR8R

"Nice stuff gwaanin ere"
Scratcha DVA, Rinse/Hyperdub
"Sweat Mode = mega sexy. Whole EP is FIRE, will be staying in the crate"
Ten Thousand Yen
"Sounds like a load of 80s soul tracks with a broken needle. In a good way"
LV, Hyperdub
"Always excited to get some new Ghost Mutt"
"Figure You Out is SIICK... Love it..."
Ross Allen
"Really feeling these!"