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Woong San - I Love You

Woong San

I Love You

Ponycanyon Korea

Released: 13th January 2014 | 15 track pop-jazz album

The remarkable challenge of an Asia no.1 jazz artist, Woongsan!!

This album is no longer an ordinary jazz standard!!

It's an attractive masterpiece without any doubt!!

It's coming from roots of her musical background that inspired from different style of music such as rock, bossa-nova, and even classical.

A singer-song writer and a jazz diva, Woongsan is sending you a very special love letter which is perfectly suitable for this lovely season!!

* The Korea no.1 jazz diva, Woonsan is coming back with her brand new album!! As a jazz vocalist in Korea, she's been highly acclaimed as a promising jazz artist and she won numerous music awards from abroad, such as a gold disc by Japan's jazz magazine Swing Journal and others from the record industry associations.

* Wonsan's long-awaited 7th album I love You is coming out after two years!! The album is fully filled with various styles of genre and her own songs including I love you and mi tango triste.

* It is an exceptional album that made by the team of the best musicians and recording professionals.

* With her natural musical talents, many of songs listed on the album, such as Bob Dylan's knocking on heaven's door, Santana's smooth, and Ray Charles' unchained melody, were newly reinterpreted, reflecting various style of genres from traditional rock to opera, and latin music.