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Tipper - Instrumentals EP
2 x 12" Vinyl
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Instrumentals EP

The Dog House Recordings

Released: 6th December 2004 | 4 track ep
if you were wondering why you haven't heard much from tipper in the uk recently, it's because he's ditched his studio and possessions and has been touring the states, australia and other far corners of the world for the last three years. A pioneer as usual, he is part of a new breed of dj/ producers who have everything they need to work and play with on their lap-tops, thus not needing such a thing as a home or studio anymore. tipper is still making music on his travels, but with more of a view to playing it than releasing it. this four track ep is a selection of some of the instrumental tracks tipper is smashing up sound systems with at the moment. hip-hop influenced in sound and tempo, they are being defined as tip-hop. The double vinyl pack means each tune gets it's own side at 45rpm so as to be as loud as possible on any sound system, but preferably a very loud one? enjoy'
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