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Anthone - Double Dub / Clear View
10" Vinyl
12" Vinyl
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Double Dub / Clear View

Weevil Neighbourhood

Released: 11th May 2015 | 2 track dubstep single

Repress (2017): Black vinyl in brown cardboard discobag. Hand-stamped and -numbered. Comes with artwork- and info-card tied to the sleeve

Porter Ricks' return? Probably! (de:bug magazine)

Though we might surmise that Weevil's first three uncredited 12 were coming from the same artist, this two tracker by Anthone is the first official second release by an artist on this Berlin label. The format has changed from 12 to 10, the overall impression is still one of a very carefully crafted and packaged item, and the tracks are, once again, an excellent breed of modest, low key dub techno in the great Berlin tradition, but with extra experimentations (hear contact-mics, field recordings and the like) going around in the music. Moody, deep tunes which I strongly recommend. (Nicolas Chevreux/ Ad Noiseam)

Anthone is the Weevil Neighbourhood's marquee artist. The exact identity of who Anthone is, however, a mystery. They, it, he, she, them, have only delivered quality for the label so far, beginning with the three-track Aloof from 2012 that features a sinisterly abstract piece of rave called Rebound. Somehow it's cheerily atmospheric while being heavy as a truck at the same time. The label's next release was Anthone's more serious Double Dub / Clear View 10, with both tracks sounding like the internal movements of giant weevil bug that's been built out of scrap metal and controlled by an evil little cretin from a Jean Pierre Jeunet film. (James Manning/ Juno Plus)

The original release comes as 10 on black vinyl, hand-designed and -numbered, limited to 300 copies for the world.

"Porter Ricks' return? Probably!"
Thaddeus Herrmann, de:bug