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Maylee Todd - Escapology
Vinyl LP
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Maylee Todd



Released: 9th September 2013 | 9 track disco album

Maylee Todd's sophomore release Escapology is the follow-up to her 2010 Do Right debut Choose Your Own Adventure. Borrowing the playfulness of her first LP, Escapology delivers a brilliant hybrid of genres ranging from space funk to boogie to alt-R&B topped with Maylee Todd's sweet art pop vocals.

The first single Hieroglyphics has received airplay from BBC Radio 1 London, KCRW in Los Angeles and J-Wave in Tokyo. Upon release of the second single Baby's Got It, the vibrant video quickly caught the eyes of new audiences everywhere, proving this Toronto-based performer to be truly fashion-forward with her unique sense of style. Boasting pumping horns and pulsating strings, Baby's Got It takes the listener back into the sugary roller-skate boogie.

As the album's producer, the multi-talented Maylee Todd assembled a cast of musicians and collaborators from her various artistic circles. Her diversity as an artist allows her to build in surprises, track after track. From the string laden arrangement of the modern soul 'I Can't Stand It' to the Rhodes-driven 'First And Last' , listeners experience tales of love in the city. Whereas the bluesy Did Everything I Could' and 'I Tried' both deliver an intense vocal performances confronted by heartache. Then we take a left turn into angelic harp-focused ballads like Clementine's Nights and Successive Mutations - which each adopt soft harmonies with minimalist perfection.

Escapology is based on the practice of escaping from emotional restraints and confined spaces. says Maylee Todd. A way to escape can be through celebrating sexuality and through dancing.

Brimming with rhythmic energy as well as delicate instrumentation, Escapology is an inventive piece of work that teleports us to Maylee Todd's reimagined version of past eras and sonically progressive sounds. Maylee Todd's world is a playground. And she is inviting us to escape to her world.