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Alister Johnson - Do It Again

Alister Johnson

Do It Again


Released: 19th January 2015 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Alister Johnson first came to the scene in 2006 via the Do Right! 12 Single 'Like A Star'. In the time since, he has become a veteran in the Toronto music scene. Whether producing for the future soul music of Zaki Ibrahim on her Polaris-prize shortlisted Every Opposite album, touring Europe with house techno outfit Azari & III, releasing disco re-edits under his Catalist moniker, or creating jazz cuts with Sacha Williamson, his musical palate and signature style have earned him a reputation as both forward-thinking producer and DJ.

With all of these accomplishments under his belt, the time is ripe for Alister to return to Do Right! for his highly anticipated Do It Again EP. The RnB electro two-step of the title track (featuring the vocals of Rahan Boxley) is emphasized and elaborated on by the cinematic search of 'End Game,' drawing on a futuristic John Carpenter vibe, and 'Baby,' whose creeping bass-lines are smashed with vocal and synth splashes. These new sounds are informed by his experience in the soundtrack world, creating moods for film and television. The EP also features a remix by Jex Opolis of the Good Timin' label that cascades arpeggios through the ear-worm hook of the original.