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The Soul Motivators - Free to Believe (Instrumentals)

The Soul Motivators

Free to Believe (Instrumentals)


Released: 11th March 2016 | 7 track funk album

The Soul Motivators entered the scene with an authentic funk approach that quickly made waves through underground Toronto at sweaty basement jams and b-boy dance parties. Now they've become a household name playing and performing everywhere from the Pan-Am Games, to festival stages.

Since the release of 2015's 'Free To Believe', the band has expanded to become a more dynamic musical operation. On one hand, there are the defiant fist-in-the-air vocal-centric soul tracks, on the other, there's the deep-grooved instrumental live off the floor approach that calls to mind classic 70s groove-heavy soundtracks. This latest installment in the Soul Mo saga is a strictly instrumental offering. The collection features 5 tracks from the Free To Believe album sessions, including the previously unreleased, 'Hot Pot', which premiered on The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on BBC Radio 6 UK.

These deep cuts allow the true funk listener to really dig into the instrumental relationships between the players and hear the building blocks of their grooves. Here we find unfiltered energy created by polyrhythmic interplay between drums and percussion, the overheated three-piece horn section, the deep bass and guitar grooves, and fantastically psychedelic synth and keyboard work. This is the sound of a raw funk band stripped down to its constituent elements and doing what it does best.

"Premiered 'Hot Pot' 23/01/16"
Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6