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Alister Johnson - Do It Again
7" Vinyl
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Alister Johnson

Do It Again


Released: 11th May 2015 | 2 track nu-disco single

Alister Johnson is a forward-thinking producer and DJ. He first emerged on the Toronto scene in 2006 via the Do Right! 12 Single 'Like A Star'. His trusted ear in the studio has been in development since the early age of 16. Johnson's obsession with discovering and manipulating new and unfamiliar sounds has led him to create a unique body of work that includes disco re-edits as Catalist, live performance work with Azari & III, and producing Zaki Ibrahim, just to name a few of his diverse accomplishments.

Do It Again is the title track from Alister's recent digtally-released EP (2014). The single, featuring the smooth soul vocals of Rahan Boxley, has been playlisted internationally and has finally made it's way onto this limited edition vinyl pressing. On the flip side we've placed the equally impressive dub remix of the track by Good Timin's Jex Opolis. Stay tuned for more releases in our relaunched 45 series and for Alister's upcoming full-length album.