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Maylee Todd - Lonely / Poetry (Of Intuition)
7" Vinyl
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Maylee Todd

Lonely / Poetry (Of Intuition)


Released: 27th November 2015 | 2 track nu-disco single

Maylee Todd is best known for her multi-disciplinary collaborations - whether with dancers, comedians, filmmakers, or her bandmates. After her 2013 breakout album Escapology, which featured contributions from dozens of musicians, Maylee stepped back into the studio alone, producing her own beats and uncovering new sonic territory.

It's been said that the best songs move the body as well as the heart and Maylee's new single 'Lonely' is no exception. This direction is as appropriate for introspective nights at home as it is for the sweaty warehouse party.

Maylee is always experimenting with new possibilities in her art, incorporating her electronic experiments with her natural pop sensibilities. This 7 release is tasty morsel of what's to come in the new year.

"Premiered 'Poetry' on his radio show Nov 15"
Lefto, Studio Brussel
"Thanks to Silent Shout for the heads up on this wistful (but eminently danceable) new jam from Toronto’s Maylee Todd."
Gorilla vs Bear
"What an incredible end-of-year surprise!"
Slient Shout