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Paper Dollhouse - Cellophane L: Selected Dreams 2010 - 2013 (Volume 1)

Paper Dollhouse

Cellophane L: Selected Dreams 2010 - 2013 (Volume 1)

MoonDome Records

Released: 2nd February 2018 | 12 track electronic album

Paper Dollhouse presents Cellophane L: Selected Dreams 2010 - 2013 (Volume 1) the first in a series of archival recordings to be released in the coming months on the self ran MoonDome imprint.

Recorded in Bethnal Green E2, London around the time of the debut Paper Dollhouse LP 'A Box Painted Black' released on Bird / Finders Keepers 2012 and the split Folklore Tapes album with fellow Finders Keepers Bird artist Magpahi. Cellophane L perfectly ties together the duo's early morning quite hours of A Box Painted Black, through the noise soaked Aeonflower album through to the post-techno electronica landscapes of previous MoonDome entries Plutonic Rainbows and Empty- Rave.

Opening with the slowed down chimes of Bell, the scene set is one of hazy, summer afternoons in the back garden inner city escape of the flat in Bethnal Green, East London where these piece were recorded, moving into the ethereal avatar, the clouds slowly darken over with the dusk heavy car park. Steel showcases Paper Dollhouse's penchant for the glacial electronica of frostbitten labels such as Frozen Border and Sahko, whilst fiction is a carefully laid out, lullaby for sleepless nights. Circular goes back to the start with a fractured bell and echoing vocals casting doubt on the road ahead. The second half starts with more reverb drenched bells that slowly unfold on keyboard clip whilst ob delves into drone territory akin to a broken hearted Sunn O))), piano updated carries forth the influence from Eastern European soundtracks such as Andrzej Korzynski's Possession (also released by Finders Keepers) before the album centre piece space 2 draws its claws over the atmosphere while emeralds falls downwards and brings us back to the start, the melancholic short echo that places us back in the garden where it all began.

The music on Cellophane L expands on the early experiments undertaken by Paper Dollhouse, whilst also paving the way towards the recent electronic influences that have bled through to the present day recordings. Spilling forth a rounded view of where the project came from and what the future sounds and eagerly awaited new LP, currently being produced with long time associate Asher Levitas (Old Apparatus / Planet Mu) will bring forth.