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Piano Magic - A Trick Of The Sea: Bliss Out v.13

Piano Magic

A Trick Of The Sea: Bliss Out v.13


Released: TBC | 2 track ambient album

A masterpiece. For the 13th edition of the famed Bliss Out series London's Piano Magic deliver two hauntingly dark & moody ambient epics with a nautical theme. Halloween Boat and A Trick Of The Sea conjure images of gray, misty shores, rusty old ships and a life at sea, far away from the trivial concerns of the world. Be forewarned that this is no Princess Cruise. Nay, Piano Magic take the listener on a winter trip in the northern latitudes, on an old and weathered freighter, to some of the more lonely and otherworldly outposts inhabited by man. Settle into your bunk and let the waves rock you to dream of these far ports, and the life you've left behind. You'll awake with new perspective on, and appreciation for your lot. PIANO MAGIC have other full length releases on Rocket Girl and 4AD. This is their debut domestic release and their absolute best overall.