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Manual & Syntaks - Golden Sun (feat. Manual & Syntaks)

Manual & Syntaks

Golden Sun (feat. Manual & Syntaks)


Released: TBC | 15 track ambient album

Almost two years ago Jonas Munk (Manual, Limp, Icebreaker International) and Jakob Skøtt (Syntaks, Limp) began recording for this massive album that would become their most epic work to date. The starting point for many of the tracks on Golden Sun is hip-hop, but the end result is something entirely different that seems almost impossible to categorize; a sound that brings to mind IDM, 60's heavy-psych, dream-pop, hip-hop, eastern music and post rock without actually sounding like neither and at any point or falling into cliches, because this album comes from a personal vision - not the zeitgeist or current trends. The two youngsters utilized a vast spectrum of equipment to fulfill their vision: electronics such as synths, samplers, computers and a organic instruments such acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, voice, bells and flutes - but what is really stunning about Golden Sun is the compositional strength that runs through each of the 15 tracks. -an adventurous and epic songwriting that is normally unheard of in electronic music. Every piece moves, evolves and surprises while still maintaining an undeniable flow and natural spontaneity. The first part of the album, Nissarana, focuses on rough beats and deep bass lines while the latter part, Sundazed, is chilled and wondrously melodic and driven by shimmering guitars, dreamy female vocals and a strong nostalgic vibe culminating in the albums epic masterpiece, Sunset Rider, where all the album's many directions comes together in one glowing piece of eternal bliss. This is hip-hop twisted into something entirely else. Imagine Cocteau Twins jamming with Jimi Hendrix remixed by Funkstörung. A transcendental journey. Truly epic.