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Manual - Azure Vista
CD Album
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Azure Vista


Released: 4th June 2012 | 6 track shoegazer album

The most popular of all Manual records. Azure Vista was Darla's 2005 best seller. It has been three years since Jonas Munk's last solo album, the classic, Ascend. Jonas has been quite busy though, not only has he been occupied with perfecting the sound he gave birth to in his late teens. He has also released a number of collaborative efforts: the celestial Into Forever in 2003 with New York's Icebreaker International, the almost completely overlooked old school ambient masterpiece The North Shore with longtime friend and Limp bandmate Jess Kahr, and most recently the sublime psych-hip-hop-dream-pop epic Golden Sun with Syntaks aka Jakob Skøtt, also a friend and bandmate.