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I Am Robot And Proud - The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing

I Am Robot And Proud

The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing


Released: TBC | 11 track ambient album

I Am Robot And Proud is the name Toronto native Shaw-Han Liem works under to create his singular brand of hypnotic, beguiling electronic pop music. The Aptly titled, The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing, is the highly anticipated full-length follow-up to his very popular 2003 album Grace Days (Catmobile).

The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing is electronic pop music that energizes the listener and refreshes the ear. It's syncopated multi-instrumental rhythms and playful, repetitive multi-dimensional melodies are just the elixir your head needs. Shaw-Han mixes acoustic instrumentation; piano, flute, sax, guitar, seamlessly with his unique electronic keyboard sounds and percussive elements. This isn't difficult, experimental IDM that pulls the listener off the left side of the dial. This is complex composition that manages to simply delight. It's an exciting sound that gives one the feeling of flying fast & free through a heavenly modern green world of pop, beauty, and sunshine. Your brain chemicals are sure to be balanced after the first minute into the title track.

Liem works small miracles in the studio, arranging tiny slivers of sound into glistening electropop constructions that blend harmonic balance and stasis with restless change and constant motion. Sounding bolder, and with punchier sequencing on tracks like 'The Mood You're In' and 'Mexico City', the only thing missing is the right videogame to play along with it. -- THE WIRE

No matter how many machines are employed here, 'Grace Days' is full of human heart. Slow and fragile, yet with a certain joyful abandon, I Am Robot And Proud emits electro-pop with playground beats and softly-stroked guitars, like Isan lacing-up a pair of suitably dapper dancing shoes. -- COMES WITH A SMILE

A beautiful collection of intricate aural tapestries, bolstered by deep bass and pulsing rhythms. From the deliciously slow grind of Winter at Night to the elegant glockenspiel odyssey of Learn From Mistakes, Liem dazzles the listener as much as he soothes. The perfect soundtrack for counting stars, hot baths, or falling in love with your computer. -- EXCLAIM

Fans of Isan and Boards Of Canada should take note, this record is as deserving of your attention as much as these well known groups. The compositions are highly hypnotic, offering a sleepy, dreamlike state using minimal techniques & infectious chord structures. Robot achieve the rare task of producing catchy pop songs while remaining blissful and chilled out. Sublime in every way. One of those rare albums perfect for any mood, whether it's for serious listening or simply background music, you just can't fail with this package. There's no overly long or tedious pieces, Robot have hit on the right formula and utilise it well to their advantage. A lovely album full of many surprises, which leave you begging for more. --ANGRY APE