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Harold Budd - Jane 12-21
CD Album
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Harold Budd

Jane 12-21


Released: 15th September 2014 | 10 track ambient album

Jane 12-21 is the companion to Jane 1-11. Minimal, modern classical piano and avant-garde electronics by the master.

It's simple. I broke out and broke back to my earlier days: A triangle of risk, improvisation and joy -- as I say, very simple. My rules to myself were: No plan, no notes, no ideas, no microphones; except for Jane 1 I stuck to it. My other rule -- the most important one -- was: At least one piece per day, finished, mixed and not to be revisited again. Jane 7, 8, 9 were done in one day... Brad Ellis was my guide through this: An untiring day, ready to go again... To quote a letter to me from Mark Tobey: ... It fell off the edge of my brush. -- Harold Budd

File under Avant-garde, Electronic.

Recommended if you like The Plateaux of Mirror, The Pearl, Lovely Thunder, The White Arcades.

Who is Jane? Check out Jane Maru, Artist.

Cover art by Jane Maru.