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Yuta Nagashima - White Sleep
CD Album
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Yuta Nagashima

White Sleep


Released: 16th February 2015 | 9 track ambient album

Yuta Nagashima is the first artist in six years to be signed to Darla Records from a demo. White Sleep is the only album I've heard in such a long time so able to shift my consciousness to a peaceful, mindful, meditative state. My favorite music is that which is able to transport you to a better place and White Sleep does that right from the start. Yuta Nagashima's work accomplishes this magic as well as the very best ambient works of Brian Eno and Harold Budd.

Yuta says White Sleep is the state of being back at our initial consciousness as a baby. There, relief and comfort are given by losing boundaries. While sleeping we experience this situation. Also this time is not objective but subjective. It is expanded or compressed depending on the mind of the individual.

Yuta Nagashima was raised in and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. He studied creation methods by electronic media at International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) and Tokyo University of the Arts. His interest is creative expression for the postmodern era. His music is made by digital and acoustic instruments and field recordings for Japanese atmosphere, decentralized consciousness and nature forgotten for development.

The three paintings featured on the Eco-wallet are by Yuta's Grandfather, Kikujiro Nagashima.

Yuta Nagashima's first record Sunflower CD/DD (ambiencephono) was released in Japan in July 2014.