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I Am Robot And Proud - Light And Waves

I Am Robot And Proud

Light And Waves


Released: TBC | 11 track ambient album

CD in full color digipak designed by the artist includes a bonus track.

I Am Robot And Proud is the bright and beautiful electronic pop music of Shaw-Han Liem. Light and Waves is his eighth album.

Light and Waves was recorded in Toronto, Canada. The process included both traditional recording methods and forward-thinking computer-assisted compositional techniques. Analog synthesizers, drum machines, acoustic guitars, toy instruments and a science lab full of electronic equipment provide a whimsical sonic pallet for his imaginary musical worlds. Shaw-Han also created his own computer programs to generate procedural drum sequences, process and mangle the sounds from live musicians, and built custom ipad interfaces for manipulating compositions. As a programmer and designer, I have become very interested in creating new tools for making my own music. I'm really inspired by the idea of an 'engineer/artist' who can use technology to create new tools, and then use those tools to create a new kinds of work - whether that be musical, visual or interactive.

Shaw-Han is an accomplished artist across the spectrum of music, technology and media art. He was Audio Director, Game Designer and composed music for the award-winning Playstation 4 game Sound Shapes, where he explored the concept of creating a new form of interactive music. His collaborations with media artists such as Daito Manabe (Perfume, Rhizmatics) and Toshio Iwai (Tenori On) have been performed across Europe and Japan. In addition to an active six album IARAP catalog on Darla, Shaw-Han's work previous includes remixes for Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukihiro Takahashi and commissions for reputable labels such as Ghostly International, Arts & Crafts, Asthmatic Kitty and Avex Japan.

Two of the tracks on Light and Waves are live arrangements and feature the four member live robot band from IARAP's 2015 release People Music. These songs were engineered by long time friend and collaborator Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Fucked Up).

Release of Light and Waves will be followed by Canada and Japan live dates in late September and October with the 4-piece robot band.

Upcoming live dates in Canada & Japan tour will feature handmade responsive projections using a computer program created By Shaw-Han.

9/10 Toronto @ Handlebar
10/21 Mastumoto, Japan @ Alecx
10/23 Kobe, Japan @ Guggenheim House
10/24 Nagoya, Japan @ Tokuzo
10/25 Kyoto, Japan @ Borofesta Festival
10/26 Osaka, Japan @ Conpass
10/28 Tokyo, Japan @ O-Nest


Shaw-Han Liem: Analog synthesizers, electronics, computer manipulation, sequencing, guitars, piano, toy percussion
#4 & #9 with Robin Buckley (King Cobb Steelie, Tusks): drums & percussion, Mike Smith (Muskox, Jennifer Castle Band): Bass, Jordan Howard (Jim Guthrie Band, The Magic, Biblical): Guitars
#4 & #9 recorded at Union Sound Company, Toronto
Recording Engineer: Leon Taheny
Mastered by Sandro Perri, Constellation Records.