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AZ-Rotator - Shuffle Mode Irregularities


Shuffle Mode Irregularities

Released: 1st March 2008 | 20 track leftfield/idm ep
AZ-Rotator is the solo project of Uge Ortiz, born in Madrid in 1976. Uge began as vocalist in the group Punk / Hardcore / Skater Dr. Bacteria, and then become part of the project EBUDP (The proper use of progress, 1995), which was the spark that had made their first experiences with electronic instruments. A little later someone gave a tape with a song by Aphex Twin, which made visible to other electronics, this discovery led him to experiment with all kinds of instruments that passed through his hands, old drum machines, Casio -tones, effects pedals, synthesizers and sequencing tricks, etc, always searching for the sound itself. After considerable exploration, AZ-Rotator was born. The first reference was Clorometiconn EP (2005) on the seal Error Deluxe Records (Madrid). Shortly after the sounds and rhythms of Uge attracted the attention of the Berlin label Ad Noiseam, who released his first album long entitled Science of Chance. (2005) After several remixes and compilations on various labels international wine Anticaking Zinc sulphate for edited by the Brazilian netlabel TEMP and Freaky Vintage Disco Breaks edited by Ad Noiseam in 2007. His last reference has long been Undefined Sugar Cube (Lovethechaos 2008). AZ-Rotator has performed concerts in various places in Europe and in festivals such as Sonar, decibels Maschinenfest, To Share, Transmediale, etc.