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Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Calypsos Down Jamaica Way
CD Album
Vinyl LP
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Count Owen & His Calypsonians

Calypsos Down Jamaica Way

Dub Store Records

Released: 18th September 2015 | 12 track calypso album

Available on CD and LP - comes with Japanese obi strip.

Crucial recordings of the early 60's multifaceted Jamaican Music. Funny and sharp, with the catchiest tunes: this is foundation music to move your feet! Calypsos Down Jamaica Way is the significant piece to discover howJamaican music was created by the fusion of the Jamaican indigenous Mento and popular Calypso.

The album starts off with the moody instrumental tune 'Good Bye to Rome' which is perfectly harmonized by the excellent performances of Sugar Belly's bamboo sax and Charlie Organaire's harmonica and banjo. The flute freely plays to a pure Mento beat on the next number 'Go Fife Go'. The love song 'Yours' follows and Count Owen sings smoothly on 'Lawd Some Men Could A Smart' to close the A-side.

On the flip, Owen delivers the finest vocal with his specialty, Cha-Cha and Mento fusion, in 'Careless Hands'. Other songs include 'Weed', the 'Melody D'Amour' song adding a bit of European seasoning, and 'Kingston Town' describes Kingston's moody atmosphere. The Calypso style roots chanting 'Out The Fire', and a pure traditional Mento vocal on 'The Last Watch' close the album. The songs are rich in variety, and the techniques of instrument playing are fluent. All songs are presented in high quality sound with Federal's highly equipped Hi-Fi technology.