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Don Drummond - Last Call / Last Call Take 2
7" Vinyl

Don Drummond

Last Call / Last Call Take 2

Dub Store Records

Released: 18th September 2015 | 2 track ska single

Known as a synonym for killer, this is one of the best singles released on Studio One by Don Drummond, including another precious take that's been previously unreleased.

Compared to any other artists, the extreme tension that Don Drummond brings into his sessions were next level. His trombone skills were above genius and it is clear to hear his strong personality and humanity through his music. With his works being released on Studio One and other productions, he had established the Far Eastern Sound which still lives today in Jamaica. The fact all the music that was influenced by this sound has been evaluated since therefore it is a proof of how his music is universality.

It is interesting that all the unreleased Skatalites tracks from this era have different solo phrases each time, showing how valuable these recordings are for the archive.