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Love Life

Inna De Yard/High Times/Dub Store Records

Released: 24th August 2015 | 2 track reggae single

The number one guitarist of Reggae music and head of Soul Syndicate and High Times, Earl China Smith' Inna De Yard production introducing the new comer, Magma. Reproducing the Nyabinghi rhythm of Inna De Yard, known as the centre of the Rastafari culture, the sound and Magma's message directly express their life style and the strength hidden at the bottom of Roots music.
This talented sing jay has been perfecting his craft from his pre teen age and have developed over the years to become today an important fixture in conscious reggae music. Born adam mayo in Warwick, Bermuda to a British father and a Bermudian mother. He was attracted as a youth to the teachings of emperor Haile Selassie and the Jamaican Rastafarian culture. There are a lot of Rasta there, even though I didn't wear locks then I was always into the words of his majesty he recalled. Absorbing the culture, led him to the music which have consumed him, providing for him the avenue to express his new Found consciousness he started performing live music in Bermuda learning his skill, doing the music he loves. At age 21 in 1989 he attended horticulture collage in Britain living in Surrey. Doing a year in collage and traveling to London, continuing his musical journey he started performing with leading sound system in Britain and become the permanent feature on the popular (Nation Vibration) sound system on which he performed all over London creating legions of fans who were drawn to his conscious lyrics and energized performances. In 2000 he performed in Glastonbury on the annually held (carnival collective) with a 30pice backing band and a number of reggae and multicultural performance on that festival his reputation as a serious conscious entertainer has been observed by many including executive of Reggae Sumfest who heard of is many performances and invited him to Jamaica to perform on Reggae Sumfest 2002 staging. He performed on international night one and created an instant impact. He then recorded with singer producer Paul Elliott in combination on the excellent track (build another bridge) witch connected him to the masses his electrifying performance at sting 2004 gave him much respect among the hardcore dance hall fans who were receptive to his conscious lyrics since 2004 he has been performing on the annual bob merely celebrations show in trench town, and have done work at Caveman…studio. He has also recorded for top labels in Jamaica.. His releases on the Downsound label (Blowing Against The Wind) and (I Cry) are excellent pieces of music as he express on (I cry), is about his experience living in Jamaica at the time Tivoli Garden operation presently working with Inna de Yard movements headed by Earl Chinna Smith witch has seen him releasing the album (the mission) produced by earl Chinna Smith and Donovan Joseph, it contains material that his fans have become accustomed to hearing, conscious, uplifting, inspirational Rasta music. Patrons at the 2010(kite festival) in St. Ann were treated to a dynamic performance from this cultural artist who also ignited the large crowd at the Dennis Brown memorial concert in 2014 at the waterfront in Kingston. Presently promoting his new release (Emmanuel) witch reflects the singjays faith in the music and life. It's a song about his faith because faith is all I know. Two songs from the album LP (Mission) has been released in Japan by Tower Records. The songs (Love Life) and (Fruitful Relations) have exposed his music to the Japanese market creating a strong fan base