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Ernest Ranglin - Guitar in Ernest
CD Album
Vinyl LP
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Ernest Ranglin

Guitar in Ernest

Dub Store Records

Released: 20th October 2014 | 9 track latin & world jazz album

Available on LP format - comes with Japanese obi-strip.

Jamaica's national treasure. Legendary Jamaican Jazz. Internationally acclaimed guitarist Ernest Ranglin with piano genius Leslie Butler in a dazzling quartet. Recorded in 1965. Ernest Ranglin is a guitar player who represents Jamaica as well as one of the forefront personals who took Jamaican music to the world. As an arranger and a musical director, he contributed with his talent in the development of Jamaican music, including Ska and Reggae, from the origins. Musicians who have started their career at the time, still look up to him as a mentor and pay their respects. The internationally acclaimed guitarist Ernest Ranglin is currently pursuing his career without any musical boundaries at the age of over 80.


Musicians: GUITAR: Ernest Ranglin, BASS: Stephen Lauz, DRUMS: Carl Mcleod, PIANO: Leslie Butler.

Produced by K. Khouri.

Recorded at Federal Studio.