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Cecil Lloyd - A Night in Jamaica with Cecil Lloyd
CD Album
Vinyl LP

Cecil Lloyd

A Night in Jamaica with Cecil Lloyd

Dub Store Records

Released: 27th October 2014 | 12 track latin & world jazz album

Available on LP and CD formats. CD comes as a Japanese mini-LP format with obi-strip.

First ever re-issue of this 1965 Jamaican Latin-Calypso-Jazz album by piano genius Cecil Lloyd, who led a 20-piece hotel band from the age of seventeen. In 1959, the maestro was asked to record an album for 20th Century Fox and he later released three albums at Studio One. Featuring a solid rhythm section with conga and percussion, A Night in Jamaica was produced by Ken Khouri for Federal's Kentone label. This enduring masterpiece still echoes across the beautiful Caribbean Sea.


Produced by Ken Khouri.

Recorded at Federal Studio.