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The Lani Singers - Ninalik Ndawi
CD Album
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The Lani Singers

Ninalik Ndawi

Dancing Turtle Records

Released: 10th November 2008 | 15 track australia/south pacific album
The Lani Singers hail from the remote central highland region of West Papua on the island of New Guinea in the south-west Pacific. Deeply emotive and compelling, their songs are rooted in the sacred rituals of the Lani tribes people – a tribe whose way of living has remained largely unchanged since the Stone Age. The Lani Singers music also conveys a powerful modern day message - the struggle that they and their fellow countrymen have endured under a brutal and illegal Indonesian occupation. Since 1963, over 400,000 native West Papuans have been murdered by Indonesian military and countless others have 'disappeared' in one of the world's worst ongoing yet largely unreported cases of ethnic cleansing. The Lani singers miraculously managed to flee persecution in their homeland and are now resettled in the UK. Recorded over a two year period, the collection of songs that make up this album are reflective of the remarkable journey that The Lani Singers have travelled. Steeped in the rich traditions of the Lani tribe as well their own contemporary compositions that are reflective of their plight. These are their songs of hope, love and pain. These are their songs of freedom.