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Rrose - Eating the Other
12" Vinyl
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Eating the Other


Released: 26th May 2014 | 3 track techno ep

Eating the Other is the first release from Rrose in 2014, a three-track EP exploring classic acid tropes, polyrythmic bleeps, and tense, pulsating noise.

Pentagons starts with a crisp, well-defined rhythm, then builds with prickly timbres as the focal elements of the track slowly morph from polite tones into raspy, caustic screeches. Ammonia utilizes the gradual intensity-building structure that typify Rrose tracks, beginning with a half-time bass hit and upward synth sweeps and escalating to a climax that incorporates rising Shepard-like tones. On the B side, Mirror starts as a deceptively skeletal acid track with a classic feel. A modulated mirror image of the bassline creeps up in slow, hallucinatory waves before the rhythmic elements disappear into a bass-heavy drone.