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Monolithium - Bounce 4 Life
12" Vinyl
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Bounce 4 Life

Error Broadcast

Released: 17th December 2012 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

Error Broadcast released Monolithiums' debut 12 'Simon & G-Funk' in Summer 2011 to much critical acclaim. Back then, his mixture of footwork drummings, complex track arrangement and flawless pop was an important step for us to advance from the beat music continuum and found its logical extrapolation in releases with B-Ju, H-SIK, and OL most recently. After touring the US Westcoast and a busy summer, we are delighted to welcome the Vancouver-based producer and DJ back with his 12 EP 'Bounce 4 Life'.

'Bounce 4 Life' finds Monolithium offering the perfect mixture of club-ready footwork snare rolls and low-swung hip hop bass, a glossy get-together of pitched vocals and super-melodic synth chords. Lead single 'Bounce 4 Life' is an undestroyable hymn that we've been rinsing all summer long (and from the DJ support it's safe to say we're not the only ones). The back-stabbing 'Lancashire Hammer' slows down the dance to rap tempi, while 'Pavillionaire' (featuring Prison Garde) joins boogie with high-pitched vocal samples and sickly-sweet synthesizer arpeggios. On 'Spiral Face' and 'Sleepy Beauty', Monolithium takes a slightly more ambient and elegiac approach to footwork, with the former paying clever tribute to the Amen break and the later focussing on melodic sophistication a bit more.

Remixes include three very different interpretations of 'Bounce 4 Life'. Fellow Canadian Ryan Hemsworth (Wedidit) improves the harmonic potential of the original even further, adding his own chimes and sweeps. UK producer KingThing (Infrasonics) makes 'Bounce 4 Life' a pumping garage/ house/ hip hop affair that is as fresh as functional. Eventually, our own H-SIK drags the tune into this underground echo chamber to return a subtly grooving piece of ambient dub.