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Soosh - Colour is Breathe Remixes
12" Vinyl
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Colour is Breathe Remixes

Error Broadcast

Released: 29th April 2013 | 7 track leftfield/idm ep

Early in 2013, Error Broadcast released Soosh's critically acclaimed 'Colour is Breathe' LP. Now

the Scottish producer returns with the remixes album, a collection that offers ten fresh

interpretations of standout tracks from 'Colour is Breathe'.

A quartet of established names reshapes 'For You'. UK-based rapper DELS and his producer

Eli-T make it raw and lyrical, whilst Dam Mantle lends his trademark energy to the same track.

US beatscene veteran devonwho pares back the song to its very pulse, leaving Synkro room to

let it kick and snap. Slowwkid betrays his newcomer status with a hazy and hypnotic rendering of

'The Way You', a track deliciously warped by The Cyclist and made both lush and brooding by

Danish experimentalist Zack Christ. The mysterious Slowcoach makes his mark with an original

and delicate reworking of 'Uncertain', whilst Evenings trademarks the song with a wonderfully

fragile guitar loop. Lastly Slugabed tries a different track altogether, infusing even more bass and

dance floor bounce into 'Loving'.