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SELA. - homemade jams from jules & jessica's kitchen
12" Vinyl


homemade jams from jules & jessica's kitchen

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Released: 4th November 2016 | 5 track ambient ep

homemade jams from jules & jessicaís kitchen is the follow-up vinyl release after SELA.'s critically acclaimed debut from 2015, first. The Californian producer refined his take on leftfield R&B and footwork, trailing even deeper into ultra-minimal loops and found sound. There is an un-good atmosphere to most of his tracks, mostly due to the haunting chords and syrupy, loose programing. At the same time, the warm sound and hefty low-end clearly set apart SELA.sí production from lo-fi gimmickery. Fans of Angelo Badalamenti, Shlohmo, or BONES should give this one a try.